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The quality of fish and the amount of interesting species at Pier Aquatics make this store very unique. I would say this is probably the best aquatic store in the world. As a public aquarium we need animals in good quality and we need some species which are not commonly seen in the trade. We find this a Pier. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to help and the atmosphere in the shop is very pleasant. I will give this store my best recommendation.

Peter Peterson from the National Aquarium Denmark

I’ve been fascinated by fish since I was a small child, I can’t even imagine what that younger me would have thought of a walk round Pier Aquatics. I’ve been visiting Pier Aquatics now for 35 years, and I’m still amazed by every visit, the sheer range and quality of the fish on offer. I’ve seen so many species that were for many years just pictures in books and magazines, and yet there is still always something to make my eyes light up with anticipation.

Pete Liptrot

Having used Pier Aquatics for many a year I feel I must recommend them for any hobbyist either new or long-standing The service from staff is high and the quality of fish they supply is outstanding, the range of fish and diversity is a feast for anyone’s eyes and some fish you will not find anywhere else As a hobbyist breeder I use Pier as the mainstay of all my breeding projects and to some success due to the quality of fish supplied so I recommend a visit and pick yourselves some wonderful fish for your tanks

Alby Howgate

If you have not visited Pier Aquatics yet, you are missing a real treat. I made my first visit about 12 years ago and its been my go to shop every since. Whilst the shop stocks some real rarities from just about every continent, it has a huge range of the more popular tropical & cold water fish. Massive range of dry goods and the team are fabulous. The brews are good too😉

Stuey Flemming

As an oldie of 81 years & many years as an aquarist I can honestly say in all that time I have never known a better aquarist outlet anywhere as good as Pier Aquatics. Ask top aquarists even in Europe you will get the same answer. If you want wild, rare, unusual, top quality in numbers, knowledge & service Pier Aquatics every time.

Bede Kerrigan

I have been shopping at Pier Aquatics for many years, I would never buy fish from anywhere else! Everyone is so helpful with making sure that you have fish in your tank that will all get along. They are always willing to help with any problems you have, no matter how small. 10/10, wouldn’t recommend anywhere else to anyone!

Jessica Hill